What is Salsapass?

Salsapass is an online global community of instructors, promoters, organizers and DJs who publish their events so that Afro-Latin enthusiasts in any location can find out what’s happening in their region. The site allows users to keep up-to-date with local and international events; to choose or compare, to subscribe, or simply to search. It offers all who register the ability to manage their events with ease, to quickly access information about other scheduled events in their area where it is nowhere else possible. This website also provides a unique opportunity for all event publishers to market and/or advertise to a broader audience within a specific genre, both in and outside the social networking communities. 

At Salsapass you are able to:

  •  publish and edit quickly,
  •  track your events,
  •  reschedule, cancel or repeat,
  •  market to the widest audience
  •  obtain a regional overview
  •  read about special offers & promotion
  •  compare events & prices,

and these features, devices and much more are available to you at no cost.

Salsapass is your gateway to reaching the fastest growing online Afro-Latin community. Get involved, sign up and discover the advantages of being a member.



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