Searching & Browsing:

How do I change the language?

How can I search for festivals in and/or oustide my country?

How do I find out about events per city?

I want to search by a specific genre, how do I get associated results?

How are events on Salsapass rated?

How can I buy tickets to events?

Why are not all events available online?

I do not see any events in my home country, What is wrong?

My search results are empty, what else can I try?

What is ''recommended events''?


Related to Ticket Purchases:

How long does it take for the transaction to be completed?

What are the payment options?

What are the billing restrictions?

Why is there a restriction to the more than 10 tickets per user?

How do I obtain a group discount?

Why is my discount code not working?

Where can I find information on your special offers and promotions?

How do I contact You for more details about your services?

What are the ticket guarantees?

What is your cancellation policy?

My account has not been charged, is there an error?

Can I exchange my tickets for tickets from another event?


Related to Publishing Events:

How do I publish events on Salsapass?

My uploaded event poster does not display?

I just published an event and cannot locate it on Salsapass homepage?

How do I sell tickets online?

How can I view results of my ticket sales?

My Account has been blocked?

I forgot my password and/or username, how do I retrieve it?

How do I connect multiple events to a festival or congress?

Why am I not able connect events to parties, workshops & concerts?

In which languages is Salsapass available?






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