06 - 08 Jul 2018

L.A. Kizomba Congress

First time in Los Angeles,
L.A. Kizomba Congress: Featuring:
Eliza Sala: Queen of Kizomba and Ginga (Europe)
Esther Martigues: The UrbanKizz Diva (Europe)
Peter Araiza: The Bestest Kizomba DJ in California (U.S.A)
Paraïso Barros: World class International Kizomba Dj from France
Stéphane Congo: World class UrbanKizz Teacher from Germany

...And yes, our local teachers will be there too, to spice up the party and show you their latest moves :-)

+ the list goes on...
- 3 days of Kizomba Magic, Networking, Workshops and Competitions!
- 30 hours of dance & musicality workshops
- Parties until 5AM Everyday
- Best Kizomba Instructors in the World.
- Ladies Styling, Musicality & Kizomba Connection Workshops
- Kizomba Rootz Competition: $1000 Prize for the Winner
- International Media Coverages (Yes, you will be bradcasted around the world, on National TV channels)...
This will be the largest Kizomba Congress in the U.S.A, with artists coming form all 5 Continents, to celebrate this wonderful Dance, that brings so much peace and love to the World.

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