30 Mar - 01 Apr 2018

Japan Kizomba Festival 2018

Enjoy a weekend full of social dancing, workshops, shows and competition in Japan biggest kizomba event of the year. 

Held in Tokyo during the magical sakura season is the perfect time to visit Japan for dancing and sightseeing.


•Albir Rojas & Partner

•Kevin Masgrau

•Kizzy & Gwany 

•Laurent Yishu & Mylah

•Ryu & Amalia

•More to come

【TAXI Dancers】

•Luigi Meandro


•Sakura Kiz

•More to come


•DJ Ryu

•DJ Skan

•DJ Smith

•DJ Kenta

•More to come

【Visitor prices】(Japan non residents)

☆Full pass: 

•December: 14000yen(1drink/night)

•January: 16000yen(1drink/night)

•February: 18000yen(1drink/night)

•March: 20000yen(1drink/night)

-Friday Workshops & Party

-Saturday workshops & party

-Sunday workshops & party

☆2 day pass(Sat & Sun): 

•January: 10000yen(1drink/night)

•February: 12000yen(1drink/night)

•March: 14000yen(1drink/night)

-Saturday workshops & party

-Sunday workshops & party

☆Party pass: 

•January: 7000yen(1drink/night)

•February: 7500yen(1drink/night)

•March: 8000yen(1drink/night)

-Friday, Saturday & Sunday parties 

☆Performer pass

•10,000yen any time

-Friday Workshops & Party

-Saturday workshops & party

-Sunday workshops & party

Purchases to: kizombajapan@gmail.com


•City of residence 

•Phone number


•Type of Pass

•Number of Passes

※Title: Kizomba Festival Pass

Deadline 3/23(Fri)

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